Not long ago, I posted an article linked to a story discussing the difficulties encountered by female police officers in Afghanistan. At that time, I told you about one of my experiences concerning the education of foreign officers where females soldiers were concerned.

In the montage left, above, this woman is a

In another target version, she is carrying groceries.

Here, she is clearly a COMBATANT, pointing a gun at you.

In other versions, this guy is carrying a movie camera.

Some of these target figures were men or boys. Some were women or girls.  And many held fire arms or knives, while others carried groceries, a camera or some other innocuous item.

I was quite used to these targets, having used them myself when in various schools, or other training, to learn selective shooting techniques.  And, I knew that the trick to succeeding against an array of these targets -- erected by someone who was trying to trick you into shooting "innocent" targets, in order to train you NOT to do so in the future -- was to concentrate on the target's hands.

If the target holds a weapon, you shoot it.  If not, you can't, because that person (unless identified by uniform or in some other manner) is a non-combatant; so hold your fire.

The soldiers in this Host Nation, however, had a different practice.

Their procedure? "If it's male -- KILL IT!  If it's female, let it live."

They didn't care that they shot men holding little boy's hands.  They shot the little boys too!  (I was stupefied.)

If the man was holding a little girl's hand, however, the girl was not to be shot.  Just the man beside her.

So, too, did the female wielding a shotgun go without injury.  But, the man holding groceries (his target standing beside the shotgun-wielding female) was filled with holes.

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