Realistic 3D

The highly detailed illustrations make the target weapon stands out. Variety, quality and details are really outstanding (printed in Belgium).

Realistic 3D Targets

Scale 1 and 25’’ x 35’’

Our 25 life size targets are printed on 25’’x 35’’ high-quality paper sheets and reflect what you may meet in your real world for the most realistic effect.

Bad or good guys come in all shapes, sizes and variations.

Targets are drawn at various angles (front and profile views available). 

Training on pjl targets at INDRA France

Targets carry a very light chalk line around the center of mass. This outline is invisible for the shooter. It becomes visible when you check the target in order to help scoring and missing.

Targets chalk outline for scoring

Create custom targets that fit you needs.

How to create custom PJL targets

Over 2000 possible target variations

Numerous overlays for target customization and re-use.

Target samples